Precision Machining Contract Manufacturing

31 August 2019

Smartlink Group is one of the top precision machining contract manufacturing companies in Malaysia. Precision machining is a type of manufacturing that is essential in creating and designing machines, parts, tools, and other hardware that are essential in modern manufacturing to maintain process controls and tolerances that function under extremely tight specifications. Generally, it will involve cutting materials into exact shapes and sizes and as such a wide range of machinery is used. The processes can be used upon a variety of materials including metal, wood and plastic.

What is precision machining?

The most common precision machining job is to convert a larger piece of material into smaller pieces by cutting off the excess based on the desired designs and specifications. The larger piece of material is altered in some way using a material removal procedure. These smaller pieces of material will then fit exactly where it is needed for the final product.

In the early days of precision machining, workers would try to achieve the highest level of accuracy with the use of relatively rudimentary tools such as blades, saws and hammers. This leads to costy and time-consuming process. As technology advanced, machines help workers to achieve a higher-level degree of accuracy for the final products.

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machining

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) is a process used widely throughout precision machining. It uses numerical control which can be customized throughout every job and controls numerous tools such as lathes, mills and grinders.

The use of computers helps to reduce or eliminate any possibility of error, the design will be loaded onto the computer and then transformed in a precision process. There is a wide variety of CNC services available here at Smartlink Group including turning and milling. There are many benefits associated with the use of CNC, which include:

  • High degree of accuracy – extremely accurate drawings and cuttings
  • Easily repeatable – templates are created to replicate cuttings for repeat manufacturing process
  • Cost saving – as the machinery is much accurate, off cuttings and wastage are kept to a minimum
  • Efficiency – save time by reduce the number of steps for production
  • Safety – the process is automated with minimum operators involvement

Smartlink Group Precision Machining Contract Manufacturing

Machines that use high speed robotics are generally considered as precision machining tools. These are used under a broader term of high velocity machining, often seen in aerospace projects. At Smartlink Group, we have a wide variety of technologies and methods to achieve your desired manufacturing services.

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