High-Mix Low-Volume Contract Manufacturing

11 May 2019

Smartlink Group is one of the best High-Mix Low-Volume contract manufacturing companies in Malaysia. We offer manufacturing services and continue to expand our range of expertise in various industries such as the semiconductor, electronics, oil & gas engineering, automation, tobacco, industrial printer, and automotive industries.

What is High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing?

High-Mix Low-Volume manufacturing is a manufacturing environment where a large variety of products is produced in small quantities. These products could differ in their application, lot size, production processes, and routings. As opposed to Low-Mix High-Volume manufacturer, High-Mix Low-Volume manufacturer has the ability to constantly change their routings and accommodate quick and frequent changeovers. The manufacturing process can last for just a few shifts or days.

Challenges for High-Mix Low-Volume Customers

Customers will find it challenging to seek for a good High-Mix Low-Volume Contract Manufacturer in the market because their projects are not favorable. Not many contract manufacturers keen on getting projects from High-Mix Low-Volume customers due to the lower revenue projects. High frequency of changeovers is not preferred for long-term business cooperation because it needs more manpower and processes.

High-Mix Low-Volume customers will also find that their production schedules are somehow unpredictable and delayed. Manufacturers often shift their production priority towards high-volume customers to optimize their production capacity.

Due to the unfavorable nature of High-Mix Low-Volume projects, customers also find it hard to get a quotation for pricing comparison for their projects. This causes pricey manufacturing services and thus not many projects are viable. At the same time, it is even harder to demand for better quality manufacturing services.

In general, the High-Mix Low-Volume markets are often neglected by the manufacturers / manufacturing service providers due to their low volume projects, therefore it is hard for them to secure consistent and responsive services for their business needs.

Our Approach to High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing

Other than new technologies, we realize that one of the major factors that define the success of a High-Mix Low-Volume manufacturer is that it requires adequate resources, knowledge, and experience in the manufacturing engineering related matters.

Our vision in the Smartlink Group is to be a one-stop solution center to cater to our customers’ needs in the contract manufacturing field. Thus, Smartlink Engineering engages with its partners, IGT and LAE to provide our customers with the best manufacturing services.

Having problems finding different manufacturers for your product? Getting tough to control your product quality and cost? Smarlink Group is formed to solve typical High-Mix Low-Volume customers’ problem because we have the extra manufacturing capacity and engineering resources catered just for it.

With an efficient manufacturing process and production capacity in-place, our High-Mix Low-Volume customers will find it easier to estimate their project timeline and schedule and most importantly enjoy a big saving from the manufacturing service cost of the products.

An Improved High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing Environment

In order to improve our high-mix low-volume manufacturing product quality and lower the operational cost, we implemented the following processes.

Smartlink Group utilizes Sequential Processing where possible. This will optimize the flow of the manufacturing process and thus more efficient in our production.

We also maintain simple product routings to reduce traceability challenges. This will enhance the process and management timing for secondary operations.

Time is gold. We implement a predictable process that allows the plant management to have a better estimation of the outcomes and reduce surprises. In this case, we often implement decision points for different parts throughout the manufacturing process.

We also enforce an open environment that allows everyone (management, supervisors, and operators) to observe and communicate throughout the manufacturing process. This could highly increase the quality of the overall manufacturing process.

Last but not least, our facility and equipment placement is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the changing needs and requirements within the manufacturing facility. We realize that the ability to reconfigure the work environment is critical as processes, products and staffing levels often change within the High-Mix Low-Volume production environment.

Tips for High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing Customers

How to choose a high-mix low-volume contract manufacturing service provider? It’s a critical decision because selecting a wrong one can trigger unexpected and often hefty production costs, damaging delays and, most worrisome, poor product quality that can lead to a loss of customers.

Here are 6 best tips that you could utilize:

  • Clearly define your expectations to the manufacturer
  • Ensure that the manufacturer technologies meet your product requirement
  • Make sure that quality is the top priority in manufacturing service company list
  • Look for culture fit that promotes a positive relationship
  • Ensures reliability and business continuity with the manufacturer
  • Do not solely compare manufacturer based on price

The Best High-Mix Low-Volume Contract Manufacturing Company

Smartlink Group is proud to be one of the best High-Mix Low-Volume contract manufacturing companies in Malaysia. We have good records in satisfying our customers by having serious quality control of our products and deliver them on time. We are open to suggestion and flexible to accommodate your product changes in a short amount of time.

Smartlink Group is definitely the best manufacturing engineering resource to you, we can assist you from design reviews, material sourcing, prototyping, volume manufacturing and more.

We can significantly expedite the time-to-market of your new products and help you to prevent many costly problems and reduce the total cost and time for you.

Professional High-Mix Low-Volume Contract Manufacturing Services

Contact us today for a professional high-mix low-volume manufacturing service advice. We are a High-Mix Low-Volume manufacturing specialist and we understand your needs. We have a great reputation for providing some of the world-class manufacturing services in the region.

We offer responsive, reliable and predictable services. Smartlink Group Contract Manufacturing Malaysia is committed to offer you the best quality product and timely delivery. You will enjoy world-class manufacturing services with us.

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