Laser Automation Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Our manufacturing business had its humble beginnings from 1st April 1992 onwards. Since then it has experienced remarkable growth and has been proactive in preparing for the challenges of the next decade. With more than 20 years of experience, we have built a solid foundation in CNC precision machining, manufacturing tools & dies, jigs & fixtures, providing wire-cut & EDM services, bending & welding, fabricating parts as well as other services such as heat and surface treatments. The company also provides solutions in design and manufacturing of automated equipment.

Laser Automation Engineering . Vision .

To be the market leader in precision machining manufacturing based on L A S E R value.

Laser Automation Engineering . Mission .

  • Leading the company to be one of the pioneers in automation equipment industries.
  • Aims to become a truly global enterprise in engineering design and fabrication for industrial automation equipment.
  • Serving customers by supplying quality products that conforms to requirements and achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Excellent quality, prompt delivery & efficient services are our business.
  • Responding promptly and wisely to a rapidly changing and competitive market.

Products & Services

LAE is committed to excellence by providing top-grade quality, prompt delivery and efficient services. We have our own machining and tooling facilities for specific parts, jigs and fixtures fabrication. The company also provides customized machining utilizing some of the latest CNC equipment to handle prototype, pre-production and production runs. We have the capacity to develop durable precision parts, jigs and fixtures that require precise manufacturing techniques using superior quality components and materials.

Aluminium Casting
Bending & Welding
Wire Cut & EDM Services
Jigs & Fixtures
Precision Tools and Dies
Precision CNC Machining
Industrial Plastic Component
Automation Machinery

Aluminium Casting

Our familiarity with the three major types of casting which are die casting, permanent mold casting & sand casting gives us the technical know-how to decide on the casting method required for clients’ desired products. We make sure that the casting molds are designed to accommodate each stage of the casting processes.

Bending & Welding

We fabricate to clients’ specification needs while ensuring quality inspection because we are aware of how important it is to have a combination of right fit, complete finishing, and managing tolerances. Our services cover mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials.

Wire Cut & EDM Services

We provide versatility in manufacturing the most intricate parts with a wide range of possibilities not provided by traditional machines. EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) equipment and advanced programming makes it possible to cut almost any electrically conductive material.

Jigs & Fixtures

These production tools are meticulously designed and created for mass production purposes to manufacture duplicate and interchangeable components. This enables large numbers of parts to be machined and assembled identically; at the same time increasing production rate and reducing nonproductive processes.

Precision Tools and Dies

Quality design craftsmanship and capable production engineers facilitate tools and dies manufacturing, creating accurate work with rapid lead times. The team keeps abreast with the latest technology to improve on the way tools and dies are made, making sure we give the best we can offer.

Precision CNC Machining

Our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines allows for extreme precision and easy production of complex, stringent specifications in custom-designed parts. Precision machining employs digital systems to ensure accuracy in size and shape as well as stability and efficiency of cutting tools.

Industrial Plastic Component

Our fully automated injection moulding machines produces all types of thermoplastics like ABS, PC, Noryl, Polyurethanes, etc. Thermoforming is well suited for making industrial plastic components as multiple parts can be easily assembled and production is in the optimal quantity range.

Automation Machinery

Manufacturing custom machinery by automating machine processes enables streamlining and helps move towards smarter manufacturing. Companies can decrease dependence on manpower and achieve lean production. Some of our recent projects are tube end forming machine and PF condenser assembly machine.

Facilities & Quality Control

We emphasize quality in every product that we produce and service that we provide. In order for this to happen, we have fully-equipped modern facilities coupled with sophisticated machineries for inspections at the various manufacturing stages in our system. In July 2006, LAE officially earned ISO 9001:2000 certification and by July 2011, we became ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our Clients

Oriental Metal Industries

United Sanoh Industries


Komax Systems

Ika Works

HW Sinaran Engineering

Hitachi Chemical

Besi APac

Tateyama Auto Machine

Spirit AeroSystems

Serac Asia

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